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"My hair is growing back stronger and thicker than ever! I love these repairing oils thank you @thejungleshack."

- Eliza Butterworth


This beauty wanted help taming frizz and to prevent breakage from heat styling. The results were outstanding, the oil treatment not only tamed her frizz, nourished and repaired her hair but also treated her alopecia and began to encourage growth in areas where there was zero growth for a substantial period of time. Wow ! another happy customer.

Today’s before and after picture below... No filter needed!, This beautiful lady’s hair goal was to tame flyaway frizz, soothe her scalp and repair/nourish her ends to prevent split ends... she was over the moon with the result after a Holistic oil treatment, scalp and hand massage as well as a wash and blow dry! book your treatment via my website today to repair and pamper your hair with an all natural treatment  using the appointments tab 

"OMG this is a game changer!! I have long thick hair and I cannot believe just how hydrated and moisturised my hair feels. I saturated the lengths of my hair, put it in a bun and slept in it. Next morning I shampooed and conditioned as normal and it blew my mind. Hardly any tangles and it looks so healthy and shiny. Highly highly recommended."

- Miss EL Clarke

"Absolutely would recommend.. gorgeous smell, left it on all day and washed my hair felt so soft and full of body afterwards!"

- Shirin Kemp

"I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone!! It smells amazing and really left my hair feeling softer, silkier and healthier!! There were hardly any tangles after shampooing and I could really notice a difference after just one use!!"

- Sam

“So this really surprised me- like i wont lie, i didn't expect these results! I have used so many other hair products - mid to high price and this blows all of them out the water. Doesn't leave greasy residue on your hair at all- no need to condition & weirdly it lasts longer between washes without getting greasy. Hair is super soft and shiny and healthy! Thank you for inventing this amazing smelling product- this is going to go far!”

Mrs Kiah Loizides Nicolas

“I absolutely loved using this product! My hair always felt fluffy and dead at the ends and leaving this in over night meant my hair felt so soft and silky! Plus, it smelt gorgeous! It also really worked on my beard :)”

Mr Tom Watson

“I’m always sceptical when it comes to hair care products as nothing much seems to help my limp, lifeless hair have any kind of vitality. However, I thought I’d give the Holistic Hair Repair Oil a try and WOW! What can I say! My hair felt nourished and refreshed after just one use of it. Having hair that is prone to greasiness I was unsure if putting an oil on would be the best thing for it, but it’s done my hair the world of good. I left the product on overnight, and once I washed it off, my hair was full of life and smoother and bouncier than I can remember in a long time. It’s a blend of natural oils that repair and moisture and according to the ingredients is totally free of any nasties. It’s the first time I have ever used a product that is totally natural and has made me excited to try other things as well. Thank you Jungle Shack, I am a complete fan!”

- Rebecca Whitmore

“I have just used this product and really liked it ☺️ I have slightly curly, dry and wire like hair in places so I knew it would turn my hair into silky straight hair (my ultimate dream) but I used the treatment overnight and my hair was lovely and soft this morning and much more manageable to style. I then used a couple of drops once I had finished blow drying etc this morning and you literally just need a tiny bit and it helped soften those last few ends away. Lovely product all round...the bonus bring it smells INCREDIBLE”

Claire Bamford

“I was sceptical at first, but after a week of using this product I’ve noticed a significant reduction in split ends! I’ve been using it as a leave in conditioner on the roots, and as a daily treatment on the ends and WOW! My roots feel stronger, and I have barely any split ends left. As someone who has recently had peroxide on my hair, toner and due more peroxide in a few days, it’s made a huge difference to my hair condition! I couldn’t recommend this product more, and I will be ordering some when I’m close to finishing this bottle. It’s really easy to apply, and it smells amazing too! Thank you so much

- Robyn Hunter

"So last week I received The Jungle Shack holistic hair oil, and  Last night I tried it for the first time. So at about 6pm I followed the instructions and covered all may hair from root to tip and decided to leave it on over night, (you can do it for a few hours if you wanted)  just to note you need to cover your hair with a cap, and one is not supplied (nor the gloves) so I ended up using a sandwich bag lol
😁 This morning I washed the oil out and dried my hair as usual and brushed through.... as you can see my hair is a lot smoother and it feels really nice from root to tip. I will say the biggest noticeable differnce is my scalp feels really soft too.
Really lovely product

Emma Tovey

"This is one of the best products I have found for my hair! I love how it's so easy to apply, and it leaves my hair in a better condition, definitely feels more moisturised and softer!

Thank you for creating this product - couldn't be without it now! :)"

Vikki Madeley

"What a difference this oil has made to what once was a wiry, scruffy looking beard! I have always been skeptical on any type of oil and I decided to give the Jungle Shacks product a try, especially with it being an organic product. After regularly using it twice a week, my beard now feels and looks soft, and smells amazing. My beard finally looks healthy and has left my skin underneath feeling well moisturised"

Ed Poeira

 "This picture is my hair one year apart. As you can see there is significant growth from very short hair to now mid-length. Not only has it grown super fast, the shine, softness and health has improved so much. I have been using Holistic Hair Repair Oil once a week for a year and am so pleased with the results"

S Poeira

"My hair is so much softer using The Jungle Shack's Holistic Hair Repair Oil"

This beautiful customer was so pleased with the incredible shine and softness we were able to achieve with only one application of Holistic Hair Repair Oil. Start your haircare journey today and reap the benefits of this incredible blend of  oils.

"I just tried the hair oil and I loved it ! My hair feels super soft and the oil was a really nice consistency, not too thick and not too drippy!"

- Cheryl Fernandes


“Holistic Hair Repair has left my hair feeling soft, silky and so much more healthier than before , won’t be without it now especially as I bleach my hair regularly ! Definitely recommend this to anyone “

- Mojgan Behvandi

“After only one application of Holistic Hair Repair Oil, my hair is softer, shinier and looks so much more bouncier, love how much more healthier it feels. Thank you !!!"

"After one treatment, my hair gloooows - even without using a straightener🤩. Easy to apply; especially with the hair wrap towel it is also manageable to leave the oil in over night. In addition, nice scent. I love it"

"My hair feels incredible, love how shiny it is, it actually feels thicker and the oils didnt leave my hair feeling greasy at all. Love the smell of these oils too, smells like a spa !! overall would give it 5 out of 5 stars, my go-to hair oil treatment now"

- Asal Kara

"Wow these oils are so good, my hair feels so much softer and healthier would definately recommend to anyone! and its all natural which is a bonus ! the oils were really easy to apply and left it in overnight. Next day washed out as normal (oils just wash straight out after 2 washes) and then blow dried. My hair was noticeably softer and healthier looking! yay!"

- Samar Behvandi



Thank you Aniqa @lifeology for your fantastic review of Holistic Hair Repair, after having used the special blend of oils for a month!......