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The journey so far

The inspiration to start this company came after having struggled for years with damaged hair. The endless cycle of heat styling to manage the damage, finally took its toll. I started to look into oil treatments in an attempt to start repairing and growing healthier hair. I was finally ready to take the time and effort to learn about my hair, how it grows and how natural oils work.

I started my haircare journey by researching and mixing my own blend of natural hair oils as a weekly overnight treatment, in order to accomplish my goals in maintaining long, silky, shiny healthy hair. The results were immediate, my hair started to grow healthy, shiny and strong!

The Jungle Shack Ltd was created to provide top quality beauty treatments, that not only make a difference, but that are made from natural, organic ingredients. The products that we sell are 100% natural without additives, harsh perfumes, sulphates, chemical agents, silicones or preservatives. 

We at The Jungle Shack want to empower you to be the best version of yourself, through the appreciation and sourcing of natural resources. The Hair Treatments available are simple, fuss free and all natural, which makes it a perfect choice to treat your delicate hair.  Reap the benefits of an all-natural hair treatment and see the results work from the first application.

The special blend of oils each work to repair your hair from the inside out, accelerating growth, preventing shedding, thinning and split ends, minimising further damage, as well as treating scalp conditions such as Psoriasis, dandruff, irritation and inflammation. What a productive blend of oils! each caring for every aspect of your scalp and hair.

We at The Jungle shack are passionate about the environment, and preventing testing on animals. You will see that each of our products will have a leaping bunny logo, which means that none of our products have been tested on animals. All of our products are sourced ethically and are organic with no added agents, chemicals or harmful components.

Walk this journey towards healthier hair with us, and be the best version of yourself, now and always.

Happy Hair Days !

Sepi and the team here at The Jungle Shack Ltd